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Margaret Barker
An Extraordinary Gathering of Angels  
Older Testament
The Lost Prophet
Gate of Heaven
The Great Angel
On Earth
The Risen Lord
Great High Priest
Temple Theology
Hidden Tradition
Temple Themes
Temple Mysticism
Mother of the Lord
King of the Jews
A fresh and unique study of angels from the Jewish and Christian traditions. Featuring over 170 illustrations, including paintings, frescoes, stained glass windows, icons and sculpture. More than 100 extracts and quotations.

Essays on angels in ancient and modern culture: angels in the Bible and in worship, the ranks of angels, angels as guides and guardians, angels in cosmology and cosmic harmony, and the role of angels in inspiration and revelation.  

Interviews with religious leaders, Jewish and Christian theologians, and writers including Philip Pullman


MQ Publications 2004. ISBN: 1840726806




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