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Margaret Barker
The Great Angel: A Study of Israelís Second God  
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Many of the old certainties have been destroyed by new knowledge.  What has become clear to me time and time again is that the evidence indicates that pre-Christian Judaism was not monotheistic in the sense that we use that word.  Many in first century Palestine retained a world view derived from the more ancient religion of Israel, in which there was a High God and several Sons of God, one of whom was Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel.  Yahweh the Lord could be manifested on earth in human form, as an angel, or in the Davidic king.  It was as  a manifestation of Yahweh, the Son of God, that Jesus was acknowledged as Son of God, Messiah and Lord.

  "She has demonstrated the conceptual unity and the religious significance of a great mass of material which has often seemed little more than a rag bag of disparate and bizarre ideas. As with all her writings, this is a book both to enjoy and to ponder."

Professor Roy Porter, The Times Literary Supplement.

ISBN: 0664253954.






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